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We offer our clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services, combining insights and innovation with business and industry knowledge to help your company grow.

More Info: When it comes to filing taxes for your business, having the right tax advisor on your side is essential. A good tax advisor will help you navigate through the complex maze of paperwork and legal requirements so that you can file in a timely fashion.

A great tax advisor will help you find write-offs and other opportunities to save money and maximize growth.

Who We Are: At Pricount LLC, good isn’t good enough for us. We strive for the “great” category, and we have the “raving fan” clients to prove it. Our team of CPA's, IRS registered preparers, tax attorneys, and auditors are capable of looking at the world of taxes from many angles. This foundation and the multiple perspectives it provides will give you a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of your company’s tax obligations.

The Tax Returns We Do: What types of tax returns do we handle at Pricount LLC? If it’s a business tax return, we can handle it. Our taxation services cover:· 1120 C Corp: If your business is a domestic corporation, you will use this return to report income, revenues, losses, tax credits, tax deductions, and tax liabilities.· 1120-S S Corp: If your business has elected to be taxed under sub-chapter S of the first chapter of the Internal Revenue Code, you will file as an S corporation. The 1120-S form is the return you will use to report gains, losses, deductions, and more.· 1040 Schedule C: If your business was a sole proprietorship, or if you worked
as an independent contractor, you will file the 1040 Schedule C in addition to your standard 1040
individual tax return.· 1040 Schedule F: You will use this return to report earnings or expenses
related to farming.· 1065

Partnerships: Businesses that operate as partnerships will report income, deductions, and other tax information on the 1065 return. Joint ventures or LLC companies are examples of businesses that may file this return—though an LLC will, in some cases, file as a corporation.For help with your tax return—or advice on which tax return to file—call Pricount LLC


Our accountants are board certified & stay current with continuous certifications and seminars, to ensure we are up to date on all the newest in information, laws regulations and techniques in our field.More Info: With a team of board certified accountants, we can assist you with any and all bookkeeping needs you may have. We specialize in Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online, which means that we can provide detailed bookkeeping services both on location and online.At Pricount, our bookkeeping services include multiple distinct and detailed steps, to ensure that you get the level of accounting you deserve. We will reconcile your records to make sure they are in agreement, prepare trial balances to close out your accounting periods, and use adjusting entries (such as accrued revenues, unearned revenues, accrued expenses, prepaid expenses, asset depreciation, and more) to provide the most accurate bookkeeping services possible.With our detailed bookkeeping services, you will be able to stay abreast of your company’s revenues and expenses, to that you can plan stronger budgets and make better business decisions. The quick accessibility of this data through Quick Books is vital and will help make your company more financially conscious. Through it all, you can expect us to keep you updated on the latest laws and regulations so that every financial decision you make can be grounded in compliance and best practice.

Business Management

Pricount helps you harness the power of analytics and build leading capabilities that secure breakthrough performance and productivity, reduce cost & maximize value.

More Info: Whether you are a new business owner or a 30-year veteran in your industry, big financial decisions never become “easy.” With that said, though, Pricount LLC can help to make things easier for your business. We provide financial consulting and business management consulting for a range of different sectors.

These sectors include:

Construction: Accounting for construction companies involves tracking all of the direct and indirect expenses associated with each building project. The profits from each project also factor into accounting decisions.·

Manufacturing: Accounting for manufacturing businesses takes into account the amount of money spent on making products. Most financial decisions revolve around three inventory categories: direct materials (materials to be used to create new products), work in progress (materials tied up in incomplete product manufacturing pipelines), and finished goods (materials that have been turned into products that are ready to sell).·

Retail: Retail accounting is somewhat complex, due to the different ways in which inventory can be valued. Some retailers value their inventory based on the amount of money they bought it for, while others value inventory based on the prices for which it is expected to sell.·

Wholesale: Wholesalers, or distributors, make their money by purchasing something from a manufacturer and selling it to the enterprises that need it. As with retailers, most of a wholesaler’s accounting pertains to the value and cost of inventory goods.·

Service: Companies that profit from providing a service rather than selling a product plan their finances in different ways. Here, the cost of tools, materials, and labor to provide the service are the core expenses, while payments and deposits have to be considered on the other side of the equation.

Human Resources

Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance efforts into opportunities, developing winning strategies and creating, enhancing and preserving value are at the core of what we do for leading organizations everywhere.

More Info: Between IRS tax requirements and other legal obligations, the payroll process is complicated and rife with potential for mistakes. If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you probably just don’t have time to fuss over payroll for hours upon hours each month.Luckily, Pricount LLC is here to help. We can handle payroll on your behalf and file all payroll forms for your business. We use a common carrier to deliver paychecks, to ensure that everyone gets paid correctly and on time. If there are any issues with employees—such as missed checks or deposits, disagreements about vacation days and sick days, or other common employer-employee snafus—we will strive to find agreeable resolutions.In addition to these basic payroll and HR services, Pricount will also be there to update you on the latest labor and payroll laws. Staying up to date with the latest regulations is something that a lot of small business owners simply forget to do, but we can do our part to keep you compliant. We will also maintain your payroll records meticulously, so that you have accurate and up-to- date information to use when tax season rolls around.


A quality audit begins with leading professionals, processes and technology.More Info: Auditing your company’s books on a regular basis is an effective way to ensure compliance, spot signs of fraud, and identify other trouble spots that have the potential to cause problems or financial woes for your business. At Pricount LLC, we have the professionals and the technology necessary to conduct multiple types of audits on your business.

These include:·

Forensic Accounting: Forensic accountants will dig through your company’s financial documents in search of fraudulent activity and white collar crime. If you suspect embezzlement, money laundering, extortion, bribery, or fraud within your organization, a forensic accountant is the right person to audit your books for suspicious details.·

Fraud Audits: Like forensic accounting audits, fraud audits involve searching for details of fraud, embezzlement, or other criminal activity within your business. The difference is that forensic accountingaudits usually occur when there have already been suspicions or allegations about fraudulent activity. Fraud audits, on the other hand, are a regular precaution that businesses use to uncover signs of fraud that have not yet aroused suspicion. A forensic accountant is expected to prove or disprove allegations of fraudulent activity—and, if necessary, testify to that evidence in court. A fraud auditor is merelyexpected to review a company’s books and identify spots where the numbers don’t line up—if any exist.·

Internal and External Audits: Internal and external audits are steps your company may choose to take throughout the year to ensure best practices. Internal auditors typically look at a company’s business practices and help with risk assessments, while external auditors focus more on finances. Internal auditors are hired by the company itself and report to internal managers, while external auditors typically report to shareholders, investors, creditors.As you can see, there is a good deal of variation between these different types of company audits. As such, it is important to make sure you are hiring the right person for each job. For instance, internal auditors don’t have to be CPA's, but external auditors do. Forensic accountants, meanwhile, are CPA's with extra training and certification.Regardless of what type of audit you think your company needs, Pricount LLC can provide it. Our skilled team of CPA's and auditors includes members with every level of certification and experience you could ask for in an auditor. Call us today to learn more about our auditing services.


No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. As the world’s largest consulting firm, we can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.